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Direct Tailwinds

Logbook Flags: Instrument Rating

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Organize your logbook and track your training progress with our patented Instrument Rating Logbook Flags.

  • Flags are pre-printed with Aeronautical Experience requirements for Instrument Rating
  • Double-sided flag technology allows you to view information on both sides of the logbook
  • Perforated design enables easy folding and alignment
  • Rounded edges prevent flags from getting caught in books/bags
  • Uniquely color-coded flags for easy identification based on requirements
  • Repositionable adhesive allows you to adjust/remove flags as needed
  • Includes a training tracker to record your training goals and monitor performance
  • Provides a list of essential acronyms and notes for study and review.

Choose Direct Tailwinds' line up of Logbook Flags and Training Trackers to take your flight training experience to new heights!

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring quality and reliability.

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